Twitter’s new Direct Message Card for businesses makes customer conversations more interactive

Businesses and brands can include bots in their Direct Message Cards.


Social media biggies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide an immersive platform for brands and businesses to promote their products. In addition to building one’s business, these platforms also help maintain customer relationships with the brands. In line with this, Twitter has introduced a new Direct Message Card that can be used to promote and share bots and customer experiences in Direct Messages.

Through Direct Message Cards, businesses can use content like images and videos to promote its services. These cards can also include up to four customizable call-to-action buttons. On clicking any of these call-to-action buttons, users will be directed to a specific experience within Direct Messages. Direct Message Cards can run in Twitter’s Promoted Tweet campaigns, and businesses can thereby make full use of ads to draw the audience in personalized conversations. Businesses can also ask audiences to share their experiences by encouraging them to tweet about it.

An example of how Direct Message Card is used, Patrón Tequila a spirits brand is trying to engage people through their messaging bot. Bot-Tender creates personalized cocktail recommendations based on the responses to questions posted about occasion, flavor and emoji. Patrón Tequila has two Bot-Tenders displayed on its tweet with four options of cocktail recommendations – Pool, Party, Cookout and Mountain. On clicking any of the options, a Direct Message conversation with the Bot-Tenders will open up.


The Direct Message Card here already has pre-installed replies with options for the conversation. The Bot-Tenders ask for your preference of cocktails ranging from citrusy, fruity and ‘something else’. On selecting any of the options, the Bot-Tenders provide a list of recipes on different types of cocktails all under their website. This way, Patrón Tequila is promoting its services by engaging users through these bots and creative content. ALSO READ: Twitter now lets brands customize ‘hearts’ for Periscope live videos

Twitter has been using Direct Messages to help businesses and brands expand their reach. This development comes after features introduced before like sharing location data with users via Direct Message. Twitter says that its latest feature, the Direct Message Card is its manifestation “to provide with innovative tools to create new ways of engaging and building deeper relationships with their audiences on the platform.” ALSO READ: Twitter’s new tool allows brands to request, share location data via direct messages

  • Published Date: May 24, 2017 2:12 PM IST