Uber president Jeff Jones quits, cites 'differences in belief'

Jones' departure comes following a spate of controversies that Uber has been involved in.

Uber president Jeff Jones quits

Uber is back into the limelight as its president Jeff Jones has stepped down from his post after less than a year. Jeff Jones is said to have left Uber due to the recent controversies the company has been involved in. Although this appears to be the reason Jeff Jones left Uber, a statement issued by CEO Travis Kalanick says otherwise. Travis Kalanick recently announced the the company was looking for a new COO, which he says is the reason behind Jones’ decision to leave the company.

Jeff Jones was previously at Target as the CMO and joined Uber last year in October replacing board member Ryan Graves. Jeff Jones in his early days at Uber spent time as the president of the company, and also met with drivers and sent them emails about the future developments and recommendations, Recode reports. Jones’ second attempt to communicate with drivers, however, went the wrong way as his Facebook page was filled with angry complaints by drivers.

Travis Kalanick writes to his staff regarding Jones’ departure saying, “In 6 months, he made an important impact on the company—from his focus on being driver obsessed to delivering our first brand reputation study, which will help set our course in the coming months and year. After we announced our intention to hire a COO, Jeff came to the tough decision that he doesn’t see his future at Uber.”

Recode however quotes Jeff Jones as saying, “I joined Uber because of its Mission, and the challenge to build global capabilities that would help the company mature and thrive long-term. It is now clear, however, that the beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber, and I can no longer continue as president of the ride sharing business.”

Uber has been springing in multiple cases of controversies relating to its loose work culture pertaining to sexual harassment in the company. Susan J Fowler a former Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) had written in her blog post explaining her experience at Uber where the company did not take action on her complaint of sexual harassment. This led to the recent case of Amit Singhal being asked to step down after an undisclosed case of sexual harassment at his former workplace Google, popped up. Singhal had been investigated for a sexual harassment case at Google and which he did not disclose with his employees at Uber. ALSO READ: Uber’s senior VP Amit Singhal asked to step down for not disclosing sexual harassment case at Google

Another senior executive at Uber Ed baker who is the VP of product and growth recently quit the ride-hailing company. Ed Baker’s resignation is questionable as he was also rumored to have been sexually involved with an employee.

  • Published Date: March 20, 2017 3:15 PM IST