Unknown Nokia smartphone shows up in a Dutch Lumia 920 ad

In what could be a serious leak by Nokia or a marketing masterpiece, a yet unknown Nokia phone made a cameo in a Nokia Lumia 920 ad aired at Netherlands. Noticed by the folks at MyNokiaBlog, it is not clear which phone it is at the moment, but the report states that it looks quite similar to the Nokia Lumia 822.

On the six second mark an unfamiliar yellow phone is seen in the hands of the female, which looks quite familiar to the Nokia 822 only available in the US through Verizon. It is not the 822 though, as there is a slight bump, has pronounced corners and the headphone nub and the camera position too is not the same as on the 822.

What this could mean is that either Nokia is planning to launch a whole new phone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona or it could just be a Dutch version of the Lumia 822. Things are a little unclear at the moment but as soon as we get any more information, you would be the first to know.

See the video below and notice the phone shown at 0:06 mins:


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