Vodafone announces new, cheaper 3G plans for prepaid users

After announcing cheaper 3G tariffs for postpaid users, Vodafone has replicated the model for prepaid users. The tariffs start from Rs 25 for 25MB of 3G data for one day and go up to Rs 1,599 for 12GB of data valid for 30 days. Other carriers like Airtel and Idea had slashed their 3G tariffs a month ago. The bundled data will also be applicable when subscribers are roaming nationally on Vodafone’s 3G network. Users will have to pay 2p/10MB in case they exceed their data quota, depending on the plan they have subscribed.

Carriers have slashed their 3G tariffs in a bid to entice more subscribers to hop on to the 3G bandwagon, which has had a slow uptake primarily due to high usage costs when the services were initially launched. These carriers had to pay through their noses to acquire 3G license and spectrum during auctions last year and are now hoping to mop up their cost by getting more subscribers to use 3G than relying on high usage charges. We believe this is a good strategy, which will increase 3G usage in the country. Read on for the new Vodafone 3G tariffs.

PAYG (PAY AS YOU GO) 2p/10kb
25 25 MB 1
45 150 MB 7
100 300 MB 30
200 500 MB 30
250 1 GB 30
375 1.5 GB 30
450 2 GB 30
650 3 GB 30
750 4 GB 30
850 5 GB 30
1250 8 GB 30
1500 10 GB 30
1599 12 GB 30
Additional Usage beyond Pack 2p/10kb
National On-net Roaming No additional charges –customers allowed to use data from their bundle

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