> > Watch Steve Jobs unveil the first Mac in an unseen video from 1984!

Watch Steve Jobs unveil the first Mac in an unseen video from 1984!


Ever wondered how the unveiling of the first Mac, that celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, looks like? On 30th January 1984, at the Boston Computer Society (BCS), Steve Jobs presented his dear creation in front of those who could be the future customers of Macintosh. Although it wasn’t a full public launch per se, the 90 minute long video from BCS is as much a landmark in computers as Macintosh is.

This was the second time the Macintosh was being shown on a large scale, the first being the Apple shareholder’s meet in Cupertino. The video, sourced by Time magazine, shows how Macintosh is taken out from a small case and its wonderful and influential Graphical User Interface is shown to the attendees of BCS. But it doesn’t just stop there. An interesting Q&A session follows the unveil, where Steve Jobs, along with his team, answered a few questions, revealing what was in the pipeline for Mac users.

Co-founder of BCS, a 20 year old Jonathan Rotenberg was the host for this BCS session. Those who attended it got a chance to check out the Mac for the first time. It sure must have been something to try out what would go on to become one of the most important happenings in the world of computers.

Once again, happy b’day, Mac!