WhatsApp has over 48 million monthly active users in India


WhatsApp has more than 48 million monthly active users in India, WhatsApp’s “business guy” Neeraj Arora told BGR India. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular mobile messaging service after SMS with more than half-a-billion monthly active users globally. India is among the fastest growing markets for the service along with Brazil, Mexico and Russia.

The mobile messaging service is adding almost 4 million monthly active users in India. On February 24, WhatsApp had announced it had over 40 million monthly active users in the country. If it maintains its current run rate, WhatsApp would cross 50 million monthly active users in India sometime in early May.

While 50 million sounds a huge number, WhatsApp still has a long way to go. Facebook, which is acquiring WhatsApp is a deal valued at $19 billion, recently crossed 100 million users in India. Of these, 84 million accessed Facebook on their mobile phones. Since WhatsApp is a mobile only service, it still lags behind Facebook by a huge margin.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp remains to be the leading mobile messaging service in India despite rivals like Line, WeChat and Hike spending on advertising and striking deals with handset vendors to pre-install their apps on smartphones. WhatsApp has struck deals with multiple carriers for special data plans with carriers like Tata Docomo and RCom and is expected to strike similar deals with other carriers.

Photo: Paranjay Dutt

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