> > WhatsApp iOS update lets users ask Siri to read messages; here’s how it works

WhatsApp iOS update lets users ask Siri to read messages; here’s how it works

WhatsApp iOS app update also brings in tweaks to the UI, and support for new languages.


WhatsApp today updated its iOS app, which brings in some tweaks to the UI, support for the Persian language, and a new feature related to Siri. You can update the app on your phone, or head over to the App Store to download the latest version of WhatsApp.

The highlight of the app update is a new feature that lets you ask Siri to read your messages. If your phone is on the table, and you are feeling too lazy to pick it up, you can simply say Hey Siri, and ask, “Read my last WhatsApp message.” Siri tells you who sent the last message, and reads it to you. Siri also asks you if you want to respond to the message, and you can dictate your reply.

For this feature to work, you need to ensure that your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS 10.3.1. You also need to have Hey Siri enabled. To do that, head over to Settings -> Siri and tap on the Allow “Hey Siri” toggle button. In the couple of times we spent using the feature, Siri was able to correctly read the last message, and it is a feature that should be really useful when driving.

whatsapp-ios-update-screensBesides the Siri feature, WhatsApp has also tweaked the UI of the Calls tab, Contact Info and Group Info screens. As you can see in the images above, post the tweak the screens are more visually appealing, and the icons look neat too.

The update also includes tweaks to the My Updates section, wherein a user can select multiple statuses at once and forward or revoke them. WhatsApp’s two-step verification interface has been redesigned too, which makes it easier than before to set up. Lastly, the camera feature also now remembers, which lens you last used – front or back.

WhatsApp has lately been introducing quite a few new features in beta. These include the ability to unsend messages, live location sharing, new fonts shortcuts, and the ability to share multiple contacts at once. One of the big new features believed to be in the pipeline is a digital payments platform integrated into the app. RELATED: How to get WhatsApp ‘unsend’ message and ‘live location sharing’ features right now