WhatsApp is coming to BB10 in March

One of the world’s most popular mobile IM clients, WhatsApp, is coming to BlackBerry 10 operating system in March. WhatsApp’s Neeraj Arora revealed the launch timeline on Twitter while responding to queries from BlackBerry 10 (BB10) users.

Interestingly, it was non-BlackBerry users who lapped up WhatsApp as an alternative to BlackBerry Messenger, which still remains exclusive to BlackBerry operating system. However, WhatsApp’s popularity ensured even BlackBerry users started using the service to send messages to their non-BlackBerry using contacts.

WhatsApp is currently available for older BlackBerry smartphones but is yet to be launched on BB10. It seems we won’t have to wait for much longer. BlackBerry is launching the Z10, its first BB10 smartphone, in India on Monday, February 25.

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