WhatsApp now allows users to share multiple contacts at once

WhatsApp beta 2.17.123 version has been rolled out with new features onboard.


WhatsApp has been making slew of changes to its platform, and lately it has introduced new features like Stories, two-step verification, offline support, group chat management and more. WhatsApp beta apps are always a good place to get a glimpse at upcoming features before their official launch. The latest beta version 2.17.123 of the app is now out, and one of the features it comes with is the ability to share multiple contacts at once.

First spotted by Android Police, this new feature was introduced either on WhatsApp beta version 2.17.122 or 2.17.123. In essence, this new feature removes the restrictions on how many contacts you can share with your friends or family at once. Once multiple contacts have been selected, they can be shared at once, and they appear neatly in the chat window in one box.  On tapping the box, you will have all the details of the contact, and you also get the option to add the contact to your smartphone. Despite showing up on beta version, there is no guarantee that this features will be immediately introduced on the official WhatsApp app.


Speaking about official updates, WhatsApp periodically adds new features to its service to continue appealing to its users. The latest one being the new ‘Status’ feature, which is similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. The feature lets you update your status in the form of images or short videos that disappear in 24 hours. Though initially, this led to the removal of the old ‘text status’, WhatsApp later introduced it again. The benefits of the text ‘status’ is that it does not disappear after 24 hours, and the status that you set is visible on your profile page. ALSO READ: Digital payments: After Truecaller, WhatsApp UPI integration on the cards

The Facebook-owned company is also said to testing sharing of real time location sharing in group chats. Another update included the revoking feature where one could edit and recall messages which have already been sent. Back in February, WhatsApp reached a milestone of 200 million monthly active users in India. The company added 40 million in just three months after revealing it had 160 million users in India back in November last year.

  • Published Date: April 4, 2017 1:01 PM IST