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Why Android 3.2 Honeycomb is not a great idea for Google

Android-based tablets might be making their way to market shelves in droves but there are simply not enough apps to make use of the larger display. Yes, most of the big names in the app biz are making Honeycomb-compatible apps, but there is no way Android can compete with iOS when it comes to apps for tablets. At last count, Apple had over 100,000 iPad-specific apps whereas Honeycomb has less than a 1,000 apps. To make more apps compatible, Google will release another version of Honeycomb (we are calling it Android 3.2 for the time being) in the near future that will make non-tablet apps ‘fill the screen’ properly. Users will get two options – either to zoom in (a la iPad) or stretch the app to fill the whole screen. Hit the break to continue reading…

Well, either way, in my experience both options are the last resort as there is no way a user would get an optimized experience. Even on iPad I hate running an iPhone app by using the ’2X’ option – all you get are ugly bigger pixels (just like the picture above). This is also one of the main reasons I still prefer using a Gingerbread tablet like the HTC Flyer as there are more apps available and they all seem to run perfectly fine even on a higher resolution, bigger display.

Also, launching another version of Honeycomb will fragment Android in the tablet space just like it happened with smartphones. Even at the moment, we have multiple versions of Honeycomb doing the rounds and no one is quite sure which tablets would get updated to the latest version (Android 3.1) and when. Google can do better than falling in this rut all over again.