Windows 8.1 screenshots leaked again, show revamped Xbox Music and new apps like Movie Moments among others


Since Microsoft’s Tami Reller confirmed that there indeed was a Windows 8.1 under development, we have been seeing quite a few screenshots leaked that give us a glimpse into the new and improved features that we can expect on the updated OS, as well as the alleged comeback of the Start Menu. Now the folks at The Verge have been tipped of an apparent Windows Store update from the leaked builds of the OS, which shows a series of redesigned apps and new apps that will come with Windows 8.1, as well as a revamped Xbox Music app.

The Xbox Music UI has been revamped with the idea of playing and discovering music easily and with fewer clicks. The new UI now shows an ‘explore’ button to let users discover new music quickly and there’s also a ‘radio’ button to give quick access to, well the radio. There’s also an easier way to search for music and support for music files on SD cards.

In addition to the Xbox Music, apps like News, Weather, Travel, Finance and Sports have also been given an update. Further image leaks also suggest that the OS update will also bring new apps like Calculator, Sound Recorder and Movie Moments. Help & Tips has also been improved to offer new users with helpful tutorials to get used to the new UI.