Windows-based tablets outsell BlackBerry’s PlayBook

According to a recent report published by Reuters, tablets using Microsoft’s Windows OS are more popular than RIM’s Playbook. Though Microsoft is yet to launch the tablet-only version of its Windows OS, it still captured 4.6 per cent share of the market in the second quarter defeating RIM’s QNX -based Playbook tablet with a 3.3 per cent market share. Apple’s iOS-based iPad dominates the market with a whopping 61.3 per cent share and Google’s Android-based tablets stand second with a 30 per cent market share. We are not surprised by these figures. While we like the form factor and processing capabilities of the PlayBook, it still lacks some common features, especially a native e-mail client. Users need to pair the PlayBook with a BlackBerry smartphone in order to view their mails on a bigger display. RIM is constantly updating the software but it has a long way to go before it can make an impression in the tablet space.


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