Windows Blue to enhance user experience, Microsoft site referred Windows Phone Blue in the making: Report

A recent job-post by Microsoft suggests that it working on an updated version of the Windows 8 – codenamed Windows Blue, which will include some major changes in the user experience. The job-post spotted by ZDnet also makes it apparent that Windows Blue will be an update that will be for both Windows PCs and phones as well, as there is a clear mention of Windows Blue Phone in a post.

While we have reported earlier that the Windows Blue would essentially come as a platform and firmware update, this job post by the company points out that Blue will not just bring changes to its interface but also evolve user experience centric features with improvements in start screen, application lifecycle, windowing, and personalization. Moreover, to the reports that Blue will be more of a Wave of updates that will work on various Microsoft devices including phones, the job-post assures Windows Phone Blue in the making and clears that there will also be a phone version of the update.

The post also mentions Excel MX, which can be a new, full touch optimized app version of the Excel to be available in the Windows store. This further thickens speculations made earlier about Blue to include a number of improvements to Microsoft Office apps as well as other services like Bling and Internet explorer.

Microsoft will reportedly bring an array of features, interface updates, firmware and programming updates in the Windows 8 by rolling out Windows Blue, instead of working on an overall new version of Windows like Windows 9. Windows Blue was reported to include some additions and improvements to its prevailing Windows 8 OS an services like Hotmail and Skydrive.

It is expected that Microsoft will roll out the Blue update in the second half of this year.