Five features to expect from Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is expected to pull the covers off the next version of Windows Phone 8 smartphone operating system at its Developer Summit event in the US today. Neither Microsoft nor Nokia have dropped any hints on what Windows Phone 8 would bring to the table but we have a fair idea of some of the biggest Windows Phone 8 features. Read on…

Multi-core processors: Straight off the bat, we expect Windows Phone 8 devices to support multi-core processors, something that earlier versions did not support. Add to it support for apps to keep running in the background rather than getting into a suspended state. This would make for real multi-tasking, which at the moment is almost non-existent in Windows Phone 7.5.

Higher resolution display support: Currently Windows Phone 7.5 supports only WVGA (800×480 pixels) displays, which limits devices to compromise on pixel density and display sizes. In all probability, Windows Phone 8 would support multiple display resolutions going up to 720p.

Skype integration: Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion last year but we have not seen any real integration with any Microsoft product. This could change with Windows Phone 8. It is expected to be deeply integrated not only to the People Hub but could also enable app developers to integrate Skype to some extent into their apps.

NFC: Nokia might have already launched an NFC variant of the Lumia 610 but out-of-the-box NFC support is still missing in Windows Phone 7.5. This will change with Windows Phone 8.

Maps: If rumors and leaked screenshots are to be believed Bing Maps could be replaced by Nokia Maps as default maps across all devices, irrespective of the OEM. This would also bring 3D maps, putting Windows Phone 8 devices at par if not ahead of iOS and Android in the navigation department.

Apart from these we also expect Windows Phone 8 to bring some UI changes across the board (a new camera UI is being rumored) and hopefully will bring an advanced notification bar to boot. We will be covering tonight’s event, so do check back later.

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