Wine coming soon on Android, will run Windows apps on Android phones: Report

Wine (WINdows Emulator or Wine Is Not an Emulator), the emulator best-known to run Windows programs on open-source desktop OS is now coming to Android, reports In a presentation at the Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) 2013 in Brussels, Wine creator Alexandre Julliard showed a brief demo of Wine running on Android.

The report states that the demo at FOSDEM was very slow, but this was simply because Wine was running on an emulated Android environment, rather than on an actual device. The Android-version though functional isn’t ready to be released commercially. The demo though slow, did manage to run a Windows program.

There isn’t any timeframe on a commercial release, but Julliard did mention that if Intel x86 chips can gain traction in the Android tablet market, Wine’s corporate sponsor CodeWeavers would have more incentive to commit resources to the project.


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