World Cup 2014 Google doodle kick starts celebrations ahead of opening ceremony


The FIFA World Cup 2014 kicks off later today in Brazil and to commemorate the world’s biggest football tournament, Google has put up an animated doodle on its homepage. When you hit the play button on top of the Google logo, a football rolls into the screen, and the background changes to show the famous sights and scenes of Brazil and the letters in the logo start bouncing and cheering like football fans.

As mentioned above the World Cup starts later today and the first match will be played between host nation Brazil and Croatia with the kick-off scheduled for 01:30AM IST. The opening ceremony will see quite a few pop stars performing in the stadium including Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. They are set to perform this year’s World Cup 2014 song “We Are One (Ole Ola).” At the ceremony, the first ball in the World Cup will be kicked by a paraplegic in robotic bodysuit.

FIFA is already ramping up the hype around the tournament via social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Google is doing its part too, and in case you are not visiting Brazil this summer, you will still be able to take a tour of all the World Cup stadiums in Brazil via Google Street View. This will also be the first World Cup wherein goal-line technology is used, to determine if the ball has crossed the goal or not.

You can check out the animated doodle below.

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