Yahoo unveils new mail client for the web, iOS, Android and Windows 8

Yahoo has unveiled a brand new user interface for its long-standing email service. This new user interface spans across the web client, and iOS, Android and Windows 8 applications. The new web experience will roll out to users over a few days, but the mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8 can be downloaded right away from the respective app stores.

With Marissa Mayer at the helm, one can easily see that the Yahoo Mail clients have a lot in common with the Gmail apps. For iOS in particular the new app introduces the standardized side menu pane that can be seen on apps like Sparrow, Facebook and the new Gmail.

Besides this, Yahoo claims the underlying performance for everything including loading the inbox, and composing mails. According to Yahoo, its users will save around 36 million minutes everyday.

Other salient features of the app include push notifications, automatically updated list of messages and the ability to add images from a camera roll. The Android app, on the other hand, has been built from the ground up and will now be more power efficient between 20 and 40 percent.

The Windows 8 client has been built on the WinRT platform which means it’s a Metro style app and supports live tiles and is integrated with Windows 8 search. This also means it will also work on Windows RT tablets like the Surface RT, and will not be restricted to x86 powered Windows 8 machines.

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