> > Yet more high resolution photos of alleged iPhone 5C's casing spotted in green

Yet more high resolution photos of alleged iPhone 5C’s casing spotted in green


Last week we showed you some high quality photographs of the iPhone 5C’s plastic back panel. Now, Sonny Dickson has posted yet another set of high quality photos of the same casing, albeit in a green color.

Not surprisingly, no new details are revealed in these photographs, but it does give weight to the claims that the forthcoming cheaper iPhone will be available in multiple color variants. In addition to the white and green back panels that we have seen so far, reports have claimed that Apple will also be offering red, blue and yellow variants among others.

Apple is believed to be planning on unveiling the next-generation iPhone 5S at an event on September 10, and chances are we will also get to see the cheaper iPhone 5C unveiled too.