YouTube makes live-streaming tools available for game developers

There are quite a few gamers out there who like to show the world just how good they are by uploading videos on YouTube of them playing a game. YouTube seems to be making their lives easier and according to a report on TheVerge, YouTube has announced that it’s making its live-streaming tools available for game developers at the ongoing Game Developers Conference at San Francisco.

What this essentially means is that using these API’s game developers will be able to add a feature to the games in future that allow developers to live stream a video coming from a game. YouTube will then take that video feed and transcode the video in real time so that viewers can watch the live stream on YouTube.

This is not something very new as YouTube has been trying to promote live-streaming and recently also tied up with with Call of Duty: Black Ops II to allow live streaming of the game. Sony too recently talked about a similar functionality on its upcoming Playstation 4, where gamers can quickly share game footage with others using the ‘Share’ button on its Dualshock controller.

YouTube further adds that this live streaming function will not only be great for gaming companies to promote new games but also increase social interactions between gamers.

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