> > Lady Gaga and biker sheep zoom into FarmVille

Lady Gaga and biker sheep zoom into FarmVille

It might not be making as much news as a certain fowl-hurling game, but FarmVille, that agricultural Facebook game that makes hardcore gamers wince and casual ones whoop with delight, continues to enthrall millions all over the world. And it now has one of the biggest names in popular music as well in one of its neighbourhoods. Lady Gaga, she-who-hatched-from-an-egg-during-the-Grammy-Awards, has tied up with Zynga (the folks who make Farmville) to promote her forthcoming album Born This Way. The result is a Farmville neighbourhood called GagaVille (subtle, eh?) where players will get a chance to hear unreleased music from the album. GagaVille will, of course, not be your routine neighbourhood – there will be colourful crystals, magical unicorns, and yes, sheep on motorcycles (check the pic, if you believe us not)! There will also be limited Lady Gaga virtual items on that can be used across different Zynga games like Mafia Wars and Cafe World. GagaVille will be going live on May 17 and will be open to visitors until May 26. More information is available here. Now, we are waiting for our Shah Rukh Khan to come out with a Ra.OneVille to promote his forthcoming film – it might well happen.