From Portable Mosquito Repeller to Ninebot Mini; 10 Xiaomi smart products we want in India

Xiaomi has launched a portable mosquito repeller, and we want it launched here in India.


Xiaomi has long moved beyond just launching smartphones or tablets, and its Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem boasts some really interesting devices. From something as big as a 4K-capable Mi drone to a portable mosquito repeller, these devices are not only smart but can also catch the fancy of a non-techy person. Xiaomi has making big strides in this space and its Mi ecosystem boasts over 55 startups, of which 29 were incubated by the company. There is however one small catch — none of these smart devices are available in India.

In a recent interview, Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra assured that there were no regulatory hurdles stopping the company from launching its IoT devices in India. Instead, he said that these smart devices were simply not suited for the Indian market. That said, Barra assures that Xiaomi has plans to ‘gradually’ introduce these products in the Indian market.

Despite this situation, it hasn’t stopped us from being a tad greedy, and here’s a list of 10 Mi devices that we wish Xiaomi would launch in India now.

  • MIJIA Portable Mosquito Repeller - Mosquitoes are a real nuisance, and to combat them, Xiaomi has launched a portable mosquito repeller for less than Rs 300. It is quite portable with a diameter of 4.6cm, and works when connected to a powerbank. Instead of using sound technology though, this repeller requires a mosquito mat to be inserted before being powered on.

  • Mi Kettle - Xiaomi's Mi Kettle makes the process of boiling water smart with the help of a smartphone. You can control different aspects of the kettle like setting an exact boiling temperature using the Mi Home app. The kettle looks good too with a modern design, and is priced around Rs 2,000.

  • Mi Rice Cooker - Rice is a staple diet in many parts of India, and while there are electric rice cookers available, they are nowhere close to being as smart as Xiaomi's offering. Xiaomi's cooker uses electromagnetic heating technology, and a magnetic relief valve to control the inside pressure. Users can also scan the pack of rice, which will let the rice cooker recognize the type of rice and automatically adjust the cooking methodology. Needless to say, all this comes at quite a steep price, around Rs 10,000.

  • Mi Water Purifier - Xiaomi in conjunction with Yunmi Technology built the Mi Water Purifier, which is available for around Rs 13,200. The water purifier can be controlled by a smartphone, and essentially uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) process to purify water, which is also for bottled pure water filtration, desalinization, and medical water. It is also quite portable, but can still churn out around 400 gallons of water in a day.

  • Mi Air Purifier 2 - Air pollution in cities like Delhi or Bangalore means an air purifier is fast becoming a necessity. Xiaomi's Air Purifier not only looks sexy, but also boasts a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 388m3/h. It is also said to be capable enough to remove up to 99.7 percent of the PM2.5 particulates from the air in less than an hour. The second-generation of Xiaomi's Air Purifier is available for around Rs 7,200.

  • Yeelight Bedside Lamp - This bedside lamp was developed Yeelight, a startup that is a part of Xiaomi's vast ecosystem. You can control the lamp with a smartphone and essentially boasts 16 million colors. You can also use gestures to change colors, brightness levels and switch on or off. The Yeelight Bedside Lamp is priced around Rs 2,500.

  • Mi TV 3S 43-inch - Xiaomi's 43-inch full HD TV is priced at only around Rs 18,600, which is really tempting when you compare what is available in the market today. This TV has an ultra-slim 10.9mm metal body and frame, and features a full HD display, Mstar 6A908 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB internal storage, and supports Dolby and DTS audio with dual decoding technology. On the software front, the smart TV runs on Android MIUI.

  • Xiaomi Li-Ning smart shoes - Who wouldn't like a pair of sports shoes that can be connected to a smartphone? Xiaomi along with Li-Ning developed a range of smart shoes that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Using a sensor fitted in the sole, these shoes can track the number of steps taken, calories burnt among other fitness-related data. Prices for these smart shoes start from Rs 2,000, which means they are way more affordable than anything available in India.

  • Ninebot Mini - If you are looking to travel short distances in style, but don't fancy walking, Xiaomi's Ninebot Mini is just the thing for you. This Segway-like self-balancing scooter can travel at speeds up to 16km/h, and go up to 22km on a single charge. It can also be connected to a smartphone, and the app acts as a speedometer, and shows traffic data or if there are any faults in the scooter. Unlike the Segway, the Ninebot Mini is quite affordable with a price tag around Rs 20,300.

  • Mi Drone - Drones are not what you will call cheap, and a fully-loaded drone is only affordable for someone who owns an oil well. But Xiaomi is changing that scenario, and recently launched a 4K-capable drone for around Rs 30,700. Developed in conjunction with Flymi, this is a quadcopter with a massive 5,100mAh battery and features like flight assistance systems, GPS tracking and 4K video recording capabilities.

  • Published Date: July 14, 2016 7:00 PM IST
  • Updated Date: July 14, 2016 7:20 PM IST