Hyperlapse iOS app review: Simple, hassle-free time-lapse video creator unlocks loads of creative possibilities


Instagram has launched Hyperlapse, an app which lets you record videos with your smartphone and then converts them into cinematic time-lapse videos. Hyperlapse was launched for iPhone users earlier today and we decided to put it to test.

The first thing you notice is that you do not need to sign-in or register to use the app. The app pretty much starts running by switching on the camera and displaying a white button at the bottom to begin recording. It is important to note that you cannot import existing videos on to the app; only videos shot by the Hyperlapse camera can be transformed into time-lapse videos.


You simply start shooting and when you finish, the app automatically turns it into a smooth time-lapse that is by default 6X times faster than the original video. You can manually edit the speed to as high as 12X and as low as the original. Once the video is recorded, the app automatically saves it to your camera roll for keepsake. There is also an ‘Edit Later’ option, where the app keeps the video for you to work on it later. You can also compare the raw footage with the Hyperlapse generated footage by pressing on the screen.

The app also gives you options to share it on Facebook or Instagram. If you find the results unsatisfactory, you can also discard the video with one click on the cross button on the top-left of your screen. Hyperlapse also shows you the real time frame of the video alongside the condensed time that the time-lapse has caused.

The video I shot is, at best, very basic and gives you the general impression of how Hyperlapse works. I have kept the test video on 4 times the original speed.

The interface is self-explanatory , keeping things quite neat. There is no sound recorded and the quality of the video looks visibly downgraded. Having said that, Hyperlapse is a fun feature to tweak your dull videos and get creative with the time-lapse feature. Hyperlapse will face competition from Apple’s own iOS 8 when it is rolled out to users later this year. At WWDC in June, the company said that the native camera app on iOS 8 will have a built-in time-lapse feature. The app is not available for Android users just yet.

However, even without a video import feature and no audio, Hyperlapse will allow amateurs and professionals to create stellar time-lapse videos. With its simple interface and minimal taps to get the job done, one can document their entire commute, a walk in the park or the setting of the sun into fun short videos.  Many people have already begun using the app and have managed to create some stunning time-lapses.

Overall, Hyperlapse is an easy-to-use app that definitely elevates your drab hand held videos into smoother time lapses just in few taps and some seconds. Additionally, it leaves out the unnecessary ambience noise that generally gets recorded while shooting time lapses.

You can download the app here.

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