The power of Google’s Android ADK on display: two-ton labyrinth [video]

During the company’s I/O keynote today, Google announced a new and powerful accessory design kit (ADK) that aims to merge the physical and digital worlds. Using the ADK and a hardware interface, developers can allow digital devices to manipulate physical objects. To illustrate this point, Google constructed a two-ton labyrinth right on the show floor. Using the gyroscope on a Motorola XOOM tablet, conference goers were able to try their hand at manipulating a bowling ball through the over-sized maze. Other potential uses for the technology ranges from turning lights and appliances on and off to providing physical alerts for digital events — why have your phone make an audible alert when it could move or manipulate a physical object in your home or office? The possibilities are endless, but this giant board was just too cool to not share. Hit the jump to watch a video of the big boy in action.

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