Here’s your checklist before buying the next AC for your home or office this summer

For most Indians, April and May have always had a special place. It’s the season of memories that are forever etched in the mind of every urban Indian. Whether it’s the neighbor splashing water to


For most Indians, April and May have always had a special place. It’s the season of memories that are forever etched in the mind of every urban Indian. Whether it’s the neighbor splashing water to cool our surroundings, or the pleasure of sucking on succulent mangoes, every Indian home has its fair share of fond summer memories.

In the age of technology and the internet of things, it only makes sense that climate control is accessible at the tap of a button. Thanks to a cool innovation by Lloyd, you can now control the temperature around you at home or office, in the most efficient way. Here’s a checklist with 5 compelling ways to a cooler, stress-free summer this year:

Wi-Fi Smartness

Air conditioners are meant to cool our homes and give us much needed relief from the scorching summer sun. What’s the point in having an AC that requires us to stay within range to alter the temperature? After an intensive day, who has the energy to search for the AC remote, and then point the remote towards the AC, before finally setting the room temperature?

Innovation is meant to solve problems. With the Wi-Fi Smart AC by Lloyd, you can turn your bedroom from a rather drab 37°C to a welcoming 22°C – just the way you love it.

The smart Wi-Fi AC by Lloyd offers you true limitless working range capability. You can control the AC from any location on the globe. All you need is a working internet connection. Since your smartphone is now your AC remote, finding your AC remote is one less worry in your life. All you need to do is pull your smartphone while you’re stuck at a traffic signal and tap your desired
temperature. By the time you reach home, your room would be the exact temperature you longed for.

Express Cooling

If your kid or niece is in a bad mood, it’s very easy to say ‘relax.’ But somehow those rules don’t apply to you. When your room is in a heated state, your priority is to get it to cool down that very moment. Who has the time to wait, you’d say?

Controlling the temperature via Wi-Fi isn’t the only additional feature in the smart Wi-Fi AC by Lloyd. The product brings in its unique 4D Express Cooling technology. As a result, the AC can take in approximately 20 percent more air from the room as compared to conventional ACs.

What is the epitome of true love? Standing by each other’s side through thick and thin. When was the last time you heard such a story in today’s day and age? The Lloyd AC always has you covered in your fast-paced world. It’s smart when it comes to backing you up through heat and cold. Through light and dark – with power, or without!

With the inverter technology that drives the AC, you could use it to cool your home or office throughout the day, without bothering about switching it off.

Energy Efficient

You’re not to blame here. It’s a very common perception that air conditioners can hog away a lot of electricity which costs a dear amount of money. What use is technology if it’s not saving you some money? Contrary to popular belief, you need to smartly control your AC in order to save on your monthly electricity bills.

It’s easier to cool a warm room, compared to a hot room. In effect, if your room is hot after absorbing solar energy all day long, it will take more energy to cool it down faster, when compared to a room where you have maintained minimal cooling all day long.

With this innovative inverter technology, the room gets cooler faster when compared to similar products with similar capacity.

Seamless User Experience

The convenience of ordering online, a hassle-free installation experience, superior customer – service and support, and on-demand 3 years of free servicing ensure you have unparalleled customer experience.

In case you’re wondering which AC to buy this summer, all you need to do is check out the smartest AC you could find in the market, which offers immense value for money, and can deliver the best experience in the market. Here’s a video that sums up an Indian family’s experience with the Lloyd smart Wi-Fi AC.

  • Published Date: April 6, 2018 9:59 AM IST
  • Updated Date: April 6, 2018 11:33 AM IST