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Air purifiers, masks get up to 50% off on Amazon India: Check out top deals

With air pollution reaching a peak, air purifiers and masks are getting up to 50 percent discount on Amazon India. Here are the top deals.

  • Published: November 4, 2019 12:48 PM IST

It is that time of the year when the outdoor air quality, especially in North India, tends to deteriorate. We constantly come across reports of poor AQI (air quality index) levels. In fact, the air quality usually gets worse after Diwali, and breathing fresh air becomes difficult. It also gives rise to a lot of health diseases. Air purifiers are one of the solutions to deal with poor air quality at homes. And while going out, wearing a mask is must recommended. Amazon India is offering up to 50 percent discount on air purifiers and masks. Here is a look at top deals.

Deals on air mask


The Honeywell PM 2.5 anti-pollution air mask is usually available for Rs 899 (box of 5). However, with a Rs 300 discount, you can now get it for Rs 599.


The 3M-6200 is a reusable respirator which comes with a vapor gas cartridge and twin filter design. Usually available for Rs 2,100, you can now buy it for Rs 910 after a discount. It is designed to protect against gases, vapors and particulates.

3M 9004

The 3M 9004, pack of 10 face masks, is usually available for Rs 200. But with the discount, you can buy it for Rs 179. There is also a pack of 20, which is available for Rs 280. Its usual cost is Rs 499.

Deals on air purifiers

Blue Star BS-AP300DAI

The Blue Star air purifier is usually available for Rs 9,999, and with a discount, you can buy it for Rs 6,999. It comes with It comes with HEPA filtration to remove pollutants up to PM2.5 and PM10. There is auto-sense feature that enables it to detect and purify basis air quality and odour. There is an LED indicator too which notifies about filter change.

Philips AC1215/20

The Philips air purifier is usually available for Rs 11,995, and on Amazon, you can buy it for Rs 9,999. The company says it is perfect for a room area of 226-333sq ft, and can purify the room in just 12 minutes. The air purifier comes with a 4 stage filtration process.

Honeywell HAC25M1201W

This Honeywell Air Touch A5 air purifier, which is usually available for Rs 12,290, is available for Rs 7,999. It is suitable to us in living rooms and bedrooms.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

This Wi-Fi enabled air purifier is getting a Rs 14,000 discount, and is available for Rs 29,900. It is compact and can easily fit inside your bedroom or living room. There is also an app for the air purifier which allows you to monitor the air quality in real time, and also remotely control the purifier.

  • Published Date: November 4, 2019 12:48 PM IST