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Best smartphone of the year

This is all about being the best one. The ultimate one. The one that made headlines in 2020. The one that you want.

Best value for money smartphone

Which phone offers the most for its price? Be it the best display or cameras in its segment, you choose the best value for money phone.

Best budget smartphone

You may be low on your budget, but there are some smartphones that offer a great package with an affordable price tag. Choose the phone that impressed you the most for less than Rs. 10,000.

Most promising smartphone brand

Which of the smartphone brands showed the most promise this year with bold new designs or exciting new phones?

Best selfie smartphone of the year

Selfies are here to stay and hence, selfie smartphones are relevant. Nominate the phone you think takes the most stunning selfies.

Best innovation in smartphones

Folding displays or dual-screen designs, you choose which smartphone truly gave us innovations to ponder on this year.

Editor's Choice Best Budget Smartphone

Best Innovation in wearables

From the ability to track Blood Oxygen levels to crazy new implementation of AR technology, which wearable showed real innovation this year?

Best value for money wearable

True bang for the buck. Which wearable offered the best value for money ratio for you in 2020?

Best smartwatch of the year

From great features to amazing performance, which 2020 smartwatch had it all in one package?

Best fitness tracker of the year

There are dozens of fitness trackers in the market, but which one of them offers great features and unmatched performance?

Editor's Choice for the best overall wearable

Best innovation in TVs

From rollable screens to amazing design, which 2020 television established new standards for the category?

Best value for money TV

Which 2020 TV model offers the best features and experience for its price tag?

Most promising TV brand

Which TV manufacturer enthralled you with its devices and showed the most promise?

Best media streaming device

From a great feature set to no-frills setup, which media streamer has it all to provide an amazing experience?

Editor's Choice Best Budgeted Smart TV of the Year

Best value for money headphones

Money well spent! Which 2020 headphones are worth every penny?

Most promising headphone brand

Which audio brand showed the most promise in 2020 with its new launches?

Best affordable TWS earphones

TWS earphones are everywhere but which of these offer the best experience without the big bucks?

Earbuds of the year

Which pair of earbuds launched in 2020 offers the best audio quality, paired with an overall amazing experience?

Best speaker of the year

Speakers can make or break the experience of enjoying a piece of music or a movie. So, which speaker launched in 2020 had everything for a great listening experience?

Editor's Choice for the best overall Speaker

Most promising laptop brand

Which of the computing brands excited you the most with their laptops this year?

Laptop of the year

Several laptops launched in 2020 had amazing features but which of these truly deserves the title of laptop of the year?

Best gaming laptop of 2020

Building a great gaming laptop is no less than creating a piece of art. So, which gaming laptop in 2020 is deserving of being called art, with its unmatched experience, great design, and amazing performance?

Editor's Choice Best Business Laptop- Dell Vostro-5402

Most innovative gadget of 2020

These were quite a few gadgets with some of the most exciting innovations this year but only one deserves to be called the most innovative.

Affordable gadget in 2020 that affected consumers positively

Technology doesn’t always have the most positive effect on people but which device really affected us in a good way this year?

Best gadget of the year

2020 was an exciting year for technology and which gadget truly represents the best of this year?

Editor's Choice Best AI Technology

Editor's Choice for best overall Gadget

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