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5 Chrome extensions that will help you keep your resolutions for 2018

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By now most of us have already jotted down our New Year resolutions, and are telling ourselves that this year we have got to stick by the list. However, deep down we all know, that there’s a maximum of three months of keeping up with it, and then we will be back to being a mess. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are a few things that the majority of us would have on our list among other things. These could be – striving to be fitter in 2018, traveling more, be able to achieve a personal and social life balance, read more books, and stay better connected with friends and family. But how can you ensure to do that?

While you are the only one who can take a hundred percent guarantee if that list completes by the end of 2018, but a little help can make this task a little easier. So how can we beat the odds this year? Technology to your rescue. Here are a few Chrome extensions below that can help you stick to your resolutions by making it easy to integrate them into your daily lives.

Stay healthier

It’s common knowledge that we spend far too much time sitting down staring at screens. And the longer we sit staring at our computer screens, the worse our posture gets and the less we blink our eyes — which can contribute to things like dry eyes, and backaches. We often forget to do healthy things like drinking water or getting up to stretch. Before actually working out, there are some basic things in healthy living that we ought to pay attention too. The Healthy Browsing Chrome extension allows users to set up timed pop-up reminders to get up and stretch, fix your posture, drink water and blink or take a few seconds to look away from your screen.

Be more productive

Many of us regularly look for ways to increase our productivity, and the easiest way to do that is to gain efficiencies in our routine, day-to-day activities. For those of us who catch ourselves on Facebook or Twitter far too long, or in the evening realize we’ve spent the majority of the day responding to emails rather than crossing off our list of to-dos, there’s a chrome extension called Be Limitless can help. The extension allows users to input to-dos, track how much time is spent doing various tasks like reading news, checking email or spending time on social media and makes it easy to identify where you spend too much, or too little, time. The extension also shows your weekly or monthly productivity reports and gives suggestions on how to be more productive.

Travel more

It is often said that traveling and seeing new places is the best way to feed your soul. However, among other factors that keep us from doing that, one is a basic problem and that is the hassle of planning the trip. TripSurfing gives you great way to save items you find for your trip. From hotels to restaurants to locations, just tap the button in your toolbar and then sign in to TripSurfing to see it all. You can set up a travel plan, add a specific site you want to visit, and discover a new location by reading the top stories. TripSurfing is a nice tool to check out for saving your travel details.

Books, books, books!

While I love to read, the most gigantic task I face is to pick the next book once one is over. Called Library extension, it allows you to create your own local library of the books and music that you like on the internet while browsing. Like something you saw or heard? Add to the list and get back to it later. Something like bookmarking websites, but particularly for books and music.

Stay closer to family

Often while growing up or in our race to achieve more, we ignore the people closest to us the most. And the most basic thing we can do to appreciate the loved ones, is by remembering the days important to them. Chrome Reminder is an easy to use reminder tool. It notifies you about your entries on the date you choose.

  • Published Date: January 4, 2018 7:15 PM IST
  • Updated Date: January 4, 2018 7:17 PM IST