Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 2nd-anniversary: Battle Pass, new map, weapon updates, rewards, and more


Call of Duty Mobile new season released as part of the 2nd-anniversary celebration, Battle Pass, new vehicles, weapon updates, Clan Wars primary rewards, Black Ops 4 Blackout map, and more.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 update: Call of Duty Mobile has released a new season to celebrate its 2nd-anniversary. The 8th season brings plenty of new content to the mobile FPS game. While Black Ops 4's Blackout arrival as a new BR map is sure to have some adrenal rush among CoD players, buffs, and nerfs to the existing arsenal- the Sniper and Marksman Rifle categories is another reason to get excited about. Also Read - Top 5 Free Fire MAX alternatives: From BGMI to Creative Destruction

The 8th season-themed around the 2nd-anniversary celebrations bring 'limited-time and puzzle events.' Here's what the new season brings to the table. Also Read - Top 5 Free Fire MAX alternatives: From BGMI to Creative Destruction


CoD Mobile 2nd anniversary events

The developers have brought three events as part of the Call of Duty Mobile 2nd-anniversary celebrations. The Counterattack Themed Event introduces NPCs to Blackout, allowing players to search for and recruit characters scattered throughout the map. The Anniversary Cake Event will have 2nd Anniversary balloons scattered throughout Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Popping the balloons will get players resources, letters from the development team, and cake pieces. To earn rewards, one has to build the cake. Lastly, there is a new puzzle event, earning tokens for in-game activities can be traded for puzzle pieces. Also Read - Top 5 guns in Call of Duty Mobile: From Assault Rifle to Snipers

CoD Mobile Season 8 Battle Pass

As usual, the developers have brought two Battle Pass- Battle Pass Free Tiers, and Premium Pass Tiers. In the former, one can unlock the Lightning Strike Scorestreak at Tier 14, and at Tier 21, they can gain access to the new R9-0 functional weapon. Other free items include- ICR-1 Infraggable, the Wingsuit - Broken Road, etc.

As for the premium pass, it will provide access to new Weapon Blueprints including the R9-0 Master of Snakes, Holger 26 Anodized, CR-56 AMAX Tattered Shot, RUS-79U Hard Spike, and the MK2 Future Sharpshooter. "Take to the field as the infamous General Shepherd, along with Alias Battleworn, Velikan Volcanic Ash, and Price Bravo 6," Activision mentioned in the blog post.

CoD Mobile Season 8 patch notes: New map, vehicles, weapon updates, rewards, and more

Map Updates

Crash has received a visual overhaul including various optimizations to graphics and performance.

New Scorestreak

Lightning Strike Calls airstrikes to 3 target locations on the map. This Scorestreak highlights all friendly and enemy players in order to give you pinpoint precision.

New Perk

Iron lungs Extend the time a player can steady a sniper rifle's scope when aiming down sights.

Battle Royale

New Map- Blackout

Blackout has arrived. The original classic BR map from Black Ops 4 is now available with the new Season 8 update.

New Vehicle- Rally Car

Slightly slower than the Muscle Car, but seats 4 and allows greater stability with the use of modifications.

BR Class Updates


Toned down the on-screen warning visuals when a Poltergeist is nearby. Active Camo warning distance increased from 35m to 40m after upgrading Poltergeist. Reduced Active Camo activation time from 2s to 1s

Trickster- Removed holographic effects from Trickster and Trickster decoys (from enemy point of view)

Trap Master- Still somewhere in between overpowered and not, which sounds great to us. We'll see what new discussions emerge and how often this class is used. Minor electrical effect to active Electrical Trip Wires added.

Spotter- Greatly increased the distance of winged enemies shown by Fly Swatter, and Cluster Strike area radius has been increased from 14m to 18m.


There was a variety of feedback about this class's usefulness and this new update aims to help Medic a viable Battle Royale class once again. As explained by the developer, medic is now able to boost Armor up to 200 for players with 150 Armor or higher. Master Healer: Healing bonus and reduced time required to bring back knocked down allies increased from 15/35 percent to 25/40 percent.

Health System Update

Weapon Updates

Airdrop Updates

Vehicle Updates

The overall terrain of Blackout is relatively smooth. To improve the overall balance of vehicles on this map, the maximum speed of motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and coupes has been reduced. The durability of some vehicles has also been reduced.

New Base Weapons

M13- Assault rifle with an extremely high fire rate and strong headshot multiplier.

R9-0- Shotgun with a high capacity that can fire two barrels in rapid succession before being pumped.

Balance Changes

Multiplayer Weapon Updates

Overall adjustments on Assault Rifles

Decreased Damage Range and Damage to arms

AS VAL (with 15 Round FMJ)

"Short-range performance is significantly improved, while medium and long-range performance has been slightly decreased. After the adjustment, the two-shot kill range is longer than Cr56 AMAX but it will be more difficult to control," the developer cited.

Sniper & Marksman Rifles




For Battle Royale

Rytec AMR




SP-R 208



Other optimisations include- re-worked cluster strike, weapons with model changes that can now be equipped with Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Diamond Camos, and premium weapon camos will no longer require an upgrade over time. There are new Clan Wars primary rewards as well that include- new Operator Farah Jinn, with new customization parts, a new Epic Weapon Blueprint-the KN-44 Silver Patriot. The latest update is available for download both on iOS, and Android platforms.

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Published:Thu, September 23, 2021 4:48pm