CES 2018: From a $6,000 toilet to a robotic pillow, here are the weirdest gadgets showcased at the event

Which one did you think was the weirdest of the lot?

  • Published: January 14, 2018 4:23 PM IST

Along with some great inventions, we saw at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there were also some gadgets that were definitely built with great intentions but may have turned out to be slightly, if we may say, weird. Here’s taking a look at a bunch of such gadgets.

A $6,000 toilet

Who would want to spend $6,000, which is about Rs 3,80,000, on a toilet? Well, Kohler thought, you might just want to, and so it built a high-tech toilet, the Numi, and showcased it at the CES 2018. It supports voice-activation, and features mood lighting, a foot warmer, music playback, a deodorizer and “advanced bidet functionality” with “pulsate”, “oscillate” and “wave” water spray actions. You take the call, really!

A silver-line underwear

A company called Spartan, launched a special pair of underwear for men at the CES, which the company claims can block 99 percent of phone and Wi-Fi radiation. And keeping all that radiation away is a silver lining. No, we are not talking about the metaphoric silver-lining, it’s an actual, literal, silver-lining.

A therapy duck

This is one of the examples of the gadgets with good intentions. My Special Aflac is a robot duck, intended to help children undergoing treatment for cancer. By using animated movements, sounds and emojis, it’s believed the duck can help children find the ways to express their feelings around their condition. There’s also the ability to administer “medicine” to the duck in the same way that the cancer sufferers would experience it, helping normalize it and familiarise the children with what they’re going to have go through. Heart-warming, but still kind of weird.

A robotic pillow

Another out of the good-intention pile is a robotic pillow at the CES, which was intended to help you sleep well, but what’s weird about it is that it replicates the sensations of sleeping alongside and snuggling up to a human.

Helite Hip’Air

This one we would not even need to explain why it is weird. A company at the electronics show showcased, what is essentially, a hip cushion, to save you from your clumsy falls.

Worn above the hip like a belt, it features constantly-scanning sensors that are on the lookout for signs of an impending fall – should it recognize them, it’ll near-instantly deploy two airbags, one on either side of your hips, to break the impact. Well!

  • Published Date: January 14, 2018 4:23 PM IST