Google could possibly name the next Android version 'Popsicle', if this theory is true

Have you looked at the breadcrumbs?

  • Published: March 10, 2018 6:09 PM IST
Android-Popsicle-BGR (1)

Google is known to value its tradition. Right from the initial versions of Android, Google has continued naming its mobile OS after sweet treats every year. Google says the operating system makes the lives of the billions of its users sweet, and hence it names the version after a dessert. But who knows, it might be a good luck charm, that evidently translates into more loyal users than the rival platform.

As a tradition must be upheld, this year too, the company will be unveiling the next version, Android P, named after something sweet. When Sundar Pichai took over Google, it was widely assumed he would name Android N after an Indian sweet, given his roots to the country. However, that did not happen. That did not happen with Android O either. Will it continue with Android P? We say, indeed.

Time to look back

Let us rewind to a couple of older Android version. When Android N was to be officially announced, Android’s senior VP Hiroshi Lockheimer dropped subtle hints as to what the version could be named. Lockheimer again confused fans when he posted a tweet hinting at the possible name for the Android O version. While Nutella never was the chosen moniker for Android N, the Oreo cake was pretty much what Google eventually named the current version.

The new Android

Now, about the upcoming Android P. Earlier this week, Google rolled out the first developer preview of the OS and the hints are loud (and colorful) enough for us to conclude that the P will stand for Android Popsicle. We have got the first beta taste of the Android P, and right from the theme, to the logo, there’s an evident flavor of Popsicle everywhere.

The Beats theory

Some are calling it an inverted Beats logo, but if you look carefully, the concentric circles in pop colors and the elongated ‘P’ inside, looks exactly like a Popsicle. It’s a dessert, pretty much in line with Google’s tradition, it’s fluid, again something which the company has been aiming at when it comes to the user experience, and not to miss.. it starts with the alphabet ‘P’.

P for Popsicle?

Android P = Android Popsicle. Very likely. Also, if you remember when Kitkat, Nougat, and Oreo versions were launched, the Android Bot donned the characteristics of each of these desserts. With Popsicle, it is imaginable to have the bot embracing the pop-colored concentric circles. It will just be a little too flashy, but who would mind a color-rich Android bot when the OS is destined to light up OLED edge-to-edge displays this year?

Do you think the Popsicle reference is a bit too much? Well, we are letting our imagination run wild like everyone else. We recently conducted a survey where we asked our readers to predict the name of the next Android version and the majority of votes sided ‘Android Pie’. But to our surprise, Google rolled out the developer preview the same day as the results of the survey and put your choice to question.

Can you possibly imagine a giant pie outside Googleplex? Or a popsicle? Do you think it will be Popsicle based on these images? Is this Google’s Easter Egg hinting us at something while the real moniker remains a mystery? Tell us in comments, while we continue decoding the swirly Android P.

  • Published Date: March 10, 2018 6:09 PM IST