Vodafone Rs 255 vs Airtel Rs 249 vs Reliance Jio Rs 199: Prepaid plans compared

We compared three popular prepaid plans from Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio that are available across the country.

  • Published: September 25, 2018 2:10 PM IST

If you’re a prepaid subscriber on any of India’s three biggest mobile operators, you have plenty of recharge options available to you based on how you use your mobile connection and phone. There are budget options for frugal users, but what if your usage tends to be on the higher side? And considering that many people today tend to rely on their smartphones for everything from communication to media consumption, what if your data usage is heavy?

We’ve compared three of the most popular plans for smartphones in India, from mobile operators Airtel, Vodafone, and Reliance Jio. All three plans are priced at roughly the same amount, with similar benefits. These are general plans that are available across all circles in which the respective operators are present, so will be available to all subscribers across the country. Take a look at our benefit-based comparison of the Vodafone Rs 255, Airtel Rs 249 and Jio Rs 199 prepaid plans.

Vodafone Rs 255 Plan

Of the three plans being compared here, this is the most expensive one on offer (even though it costs just a few rupees more than the Airtel plan). The Vodafone Rs 255 plan has a validity of 28 days, and offers unlimited voice calling across India, to all networks and operators within the country. Unlimited calls also extend to when the users are roaming outside their home circle. Users also get 100 SMS per day, and access to live TV streaming on the Vodafone Play app. In terms of data benefits, the plan offers 2GB of high-speed data (at 4G/3G speeds) per day.

Airtel Rs 249 Plan

Priced at just Rs 6 less, the Rs 249 plan from Airtel offers similar benefits to that of the Vodafone plan listed above. Users on this plan get a validity period of 28 days, during which all calls within India to numbers in India, whether the user is in their home circle or roaming, are free and unlimited. Users also get 100 SMS per day, and 2GB of high-speed data access per day at up to 4G speeds.

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Reliance Jio Rs 199 Plan

The most affordable of the three plans on comparison here, the Reliance Jio Rs 199 plan has a significant price advantage over the competition, priced at Rs 50 less than the Airtel plan. The benefits on the plan are similar to that of the plans listed above. Reliance Jio offers users on the Rs 199 plan unlimited voice calls across the country, whether in the home circle or roaming, and regardless of the network of the receiver of the call.

The plan is valid for 28 days, and offers 100 SMS per day and 2GB of high-speed data per day. In Jio’s case, once the high-speed quota has been exhausted, users can continue to use data at a throttled speed of 64kbps till the benefit is refreshed the next day.

  • Published Date: September 25, 2018 2:10 PM IST