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5 paid Android games that are free to download right now

Google Play Store is full of amazing games, and some of those are paid. But there are some which are available free for a limited time and here are five such games for this weekend.

  • Published: April 13, 2019 10:48 AM IST
god of attack lead

While most games on Android are free, there are paid ones as well. Some of these games are rather good, and it’s always a great idea to keep an eye out on when they become free. So in case you are looking to try out some games this weekend, here are five paid Android games you can grab for free right now. The sale ends soon, hence we recommend that those interested acquire them quickly. Check them out below.

Laser Labyrinth

To be honest, there are thousands of puzzle games on the Google Play Store, but this one caught my eye when looking for things because this is one of those that uses physics to make the whole game interesting. Reflections on mirrors are used to direct the laser beam to the destination.

Concrete Defense 1940: WWII Tower Siege Game

Concrete Defense 1940 is a tower defense game which has been designed to be a modern war simulation. This game is interesting where players will be familiar with the kind of elements that are used in the game, because we have read about these during our history lessons.

Tiny Defense 2 – Mini Robot Wars

This one is also a defense game, but is different in the sense that there is an arcade feel to it. The objective of this game is to stop the hoards of robots from invading. And these will be stopped by robots and weapons that the players will be controlling.

God of Attack VIP

This is an RPG game that has teamplay elements in it. Players will have to team up with others and bots to take down monsters and enemies. Players will be able to level up, get new equipment, and new party members as well. Teamwork here will be important and players will have to balance out all aspects to win battles.

Word Chess PRO

If you like word games, this one’s for you. Players will have to sting together letters from the puzzle to make words, which in turn will be scored. And as is obvious, the longer and more complicated the word, the more score and more the score better the results and standing of the player on the leaderboards.

  • Published Date: April 13, 2019 10:48 AM IST