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An anonymous millionaire is making battle-royale come to life on a private island

This battle royale tournament like PUBG and Fortnite will apparently take place on a privately owned island and will happen over the span of three days.

  • Published: April 10, 2019 12:59 PM IST
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Image credit: PUBG Corp

Battle royale games are the most popular genre in the world right now. The games are dynamic, where friends can team up and take on a host of other teams. Games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite have become the rage and it seems that some people have taken up the idea of creating a battle royale experience in real life. And among those people is a millionaire who wants to make this come true on a private island.

This tycoon who has chosen to remain anonymous is apparently searching for people who would agree to plan a 100-man battle-royale event on a private island. The champion of this three-day Airsoft challenge will take home a winning amount of £100,000. This was listed as a job for an organizer and promoted on the website called Hush, which is a website that is popular for inventive approaches that would make tycoons part from their cash, by selling things like top of the line billiards tables, personal jets, and islands.

The post that was listed on the website said that the unknown employer is looking for “somebody who can help structure the field for a 100-man fight royale propelled occasion.” And the organizer would make a handsome income of £45,000 for multi week’s work.

The description of the ‘tournament’ on the website says that it, “Drew nearer by one of our clients, who was watchful for a private island, for help in setting up the title. We will likewise be dealing with enrollments for the occasion when the time comes. Challengers will be given Airsoft weapons, ammunition and contact delicate body protection for a three-day occasion.

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The ‘last individual standing’ will win a £100,000 big stake. As it is as of now arranged, the occasion is expected to most recent three days, with 12 hours of rivalry every day. Contenders will at that point camp throughout the evening. Sustenance, outdoors apparatus and all the fundamental hardware will be given.”

  • Published Date: April 10, 2019 12:59 PM IST