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A complete guide to all the vehicles in PUBG and PUBG Mobile

Here's an all-purpose guide to driving and riding around while playing PUBG.

  • Published: December 3, 2018 11:27 AM IST

PUBG or PlayerUnknown s Battlegrounds has become a phenomenon on PC, Xbox and its mobile version. PUBG is largely about the guns and maps, but even the vehicles in the game which are essential in the larger maps like Erangel and Miramar. In Sanhok vehicles play a less important role because the map is smaller which makes it a densely populated area more prone to attacks from enemies. Also Read - Indian Army wants personnel to uninstall 89 apps including PUBG, Instagram, Zoom

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There are variety of vehicles available in PUBG for land and water, some of which vary from map to map. Bluehole has designed the maps with the vehicles that would be thematically correct. Every vehicle has its own specialty, which includes speed, power and handling which makes driving every single one of them a different experience. Here we will be looking at all the vehicles that are there in PUBG. Also Read - TakaTak app is TikTok rival from MX Player; Available on Google Play store


This two man vehicle has a very good handling experience and standard speed. It is found on all three of the maps that are there right now. The buggy has a weird positioning for the second player which leaves them exposed to open fire. A buggy is the most useful for traversing tough terrain. The vehicle itself is pretty difficult to hit when moving and it require quite a few bullets to destroy.


The UAZ is the staple four-wheeler of the Erangel map and is a very tough vehicle to destroy. It requires the most number of bullets to destroy among all the vehicles. It is of the faster vehicles in PUBG and comes in an open hood and a closed option. It can traverse all over the map but is prone to flipping a lot. The standard UAZ seats four people and is available only on the Erangel map, while the armored UAZ is available on other maps as well through airdrops.


The motorcycle is the fastest vehicle on PUBG, though the variant with the sidecar is slightly slower. This has different color schemes for Erangel and Miramar which are Ash and Desert respectively and is available on all the maps. The Motorcycle can traverse anywhere but has less HP than most cars. And it s important to use the lean back and forward buttons on it to make sure it does not flip. Motorcycles can be used to do stunts though there are no points for that. The regular Motorcycle seats two people while the one with the sidecar seats three. The person in the sidecar can shoot normally while the one riding pillion can only use SMGs and pistols.


The Scooter in PUBG is like the Motorcycle, only slower and with much less HP. It is only found on the Sanhok map for now (not in PUBG Mobile, though) and comes in three different colors. The scooter has difficulty handling uphill terrain though it does just fine on roads. It does not have too much in terms of HP so it s easy to destroy. It seats two people. This should only be used in times of dire need.


The Tukshai or the auto rickshaw as we know it, is one of the newest vehicles to be added to the game and is only available on the Sanhok map (again, not on PUBG Mobile yet). This like the Scooter is low on HP and has trouble handling uphill terrain. It seats three people and has almost the same speed as the Scooter. Again, not a good idea to use to unless absolutely needed because of the slow speed and low HP.


The Dacia is an unassuming four-seater sedan that is available only in Erangel map. It may be unassuming in terms of looks but it is the fastest four wheeler on the map only outdone by the Motorcycle. It does have a low HP though which makes it easy to shoot and destroy. It seats four people and is a good vehicle even when under fire because of the high speed and smaller build despite the low HP.


Mirado is the muscle car that is found in the Miramar map and is tied to be the fastest vehicle along with the Motorcycle. It has different color and comes without a top and with one. It seats four people and has a high HP like the UAZ. This vehicle has a very low build and is extremely fast which makes it very hard to hit. But the Mirado does not do well off roads which makes it difficult to reach places in the map that are away from roads. Plus more roads mean passing more building which mean more chances of encountering people.


The Minibus is a very slow moving vehicle that has option to seat six people though PUBG squads allow a maximum of four people in teams. It has a lot of HP and is pretty big which makes it easy to hit. It is rather bad at off-roading which essentially makes it an easy target to whoever spots it. It is only found on the Miramar map which has a tough terrain making it not a very good choice of a car.


The Pickup truck comes in two variants, one of which has and open back, meaning anyone seated out back will be an open target, and one that has a covered back. It is one of the better off-roading vehicles on the Miramar map which is the only map where it is available. It does have pretty low HP which makes it a not the best option for a vehicle is enemies spot you driving around in one. But it is pretty fast which kind of makes up for it. It seats four people.


The Rony is the pickup truck for the Sanhok map and is one of the newer vehicles to be introduced to the game. It has one of the lowest engine sounds in the game which means alerting less enemies. It is pretty fast and has a lean build, but any team with more than two people will be exposed to enemies. It seats four people and can off-road pretty well.


The PG-117 was the first water transport that was available in the game and seats four people. It is essentially a speed boat that has a high HP and is the fastest water vehicle right now. It has a slow turn rate which means players need to be careful around land, or the vehicle will be stuck.

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The Aquarail is the only other water vehicle in the game apart from the PG-117 and only seats two people. It is slower but has excellent controls. But it also has low HP which means it can be destroyed easily. This is found on all three maps in the game.

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  • Published Date: December 3, 2018 11:27 AM IST

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