Counter Strike brings back the legendary MP5 SMG

Friends, gamers and streamers rejoice, for the MP5 has been revived on CS:GO.

  • Published: August 16, 2018 11:58 AM IST
Counter Strike Global Offensive MP5 SD

People have been asking devs of Counter Strike Global Offensive for the longest time if they will ever be seeing the famed MP5 submachine gun in the latest version of the game. And now its seems that the long standing question has been finally answered.

When CS:GO launched six years back, the first thing people noticed that the MP5 was replaced with the MP7 SMG. And though some people made their opinions and demands for the gun known, others moved on and accepted the fact that it was just not there. But the demand for the gun never quite went away. And now it seems that the developers have finally taken it all seriously and teased the gun on Twitter, following it up by introducing it in the newest update.

The new MP5 SD SMG is the reincarnation of the old MP5 SMG but with an added suppressor. The gun is not fully launched yet, and this means that it is in the testing and balancing phase where it is only available to use in official deathmatches and offline games.

The MP5 can be used by both the Counter Terrorists as well as the Terrorist teams, and it replaces the MP7 SMG in the already pretty versatile SMG selection screen. The gun costs $1,550 to buy, which makes it costlier than the UMP. It has slightly less damage than the UMP and has a higher rate of fire and low recoil.

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The last new weapon to be introduced by the devs was the R8 Revolver, which turned out to be so powerful that it had to be nerfed within three days of releasing. But this does not seem to be the case with the MP5 SD as players report that nothing about this gun feels off, and it is neither overly powerful nor on the lower side.

  • Published Date: August 16, 2018 11:58 AM IST