Elder Scrolls Online players have killed more than the population of the Earth

Some ridiculously huge stats on Elder Scrolls Online

  • Published: April 6, 2018 3:51 PM IST
Elder Scrolls Online 1

Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online just turned four and to celebrate the occasion, the company has announced a bunch of rewards. All the celebration and rewards are included in game like XP buffs, unique rewards, and cake.

The first of the rewards is called “Ache for cake”, which began on Wednesday 1.30 PM IST and will run until Monday 1.30 PM April 16. To join the event, visit the famous Chef Donolon in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon’s Watch and complete his Anniversary quest “Ache for Cake.” You can get directions to Chef Donolon’s location by obtaining a Jubilee Cake Voucher free of charge from the in-game Crown Store.

Once “Ache for Cake” is complete you’ll receive the brand-new, three-tiered Anniversary Jubilee Cake. It’ll be added to your Mementos within your Collectibles UI. One slice of the cake will give you a two-hour 100% XP buff that stacks with any other active XP bonuses.

The blog on the official ESO website also mentions that everyone is eligible for rewards during the Anniversary celebrations. Throughout the event, any daily or weekly quest you complete will earn you an Anniversary Gift Box which is in addition to their regular rewards.

And on the occasion of ESO turning four the studio has come up with some stats from the game. And there are some rather impressive milestones among these stats.

– Total number of monsters killed: 15,881,472,493
– Total number of players killed: 1,346,033,201
– Total number of Soul Gems used: 1,183,836,570
– Total number of quests completed: 2,064,266,404
– Total number of items crafted: 7,415,834,454
– Total number of achievements earned: 1,145,234,018
And, finally, here’s some additional numbers that might surprise:

– Most popular race: High Elf (14.98% of all characters)
– Most popular Alliance: Ebonheart Pact (36.33% of all characters)
– Most PvP Kills by Alliance: Ebonheart Pact (122,490,253 kills)
– Highest unpaid bounty: 248,655,731 gold
– Highest paid bounty: 362,324 gold

And to put some of these numbers into perspective, Kevin Murane for Forbes has found out that, the human species over a period of 52,000 years has killed over an estimated 1.64 billion people. This number pales in comparison with the number of monsters that have been killed by 10 million odd ESO players in the four years they have played it for. ESO players kill 1.64 billion monsters in a matter of 5 months. The total number of monsters killed by ESO players is double the number of the people on Earth.

  • Published Date: April 6, 2018 3:51 PM IST