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Fortnite is about to host a $8 million tournament for everyone

The $8 million prize pool will be distributed across various events over the coming weeks.

  • Published: July 12, 2018 11:59 AM IST
Fortnite Summer Event

Fortnite has made quite a bit of money in the surge it has seen this year. And now Epic Games has decided to dole out some of that in the form of a tournament where potentially anyone can participate.

Fortnite announced that the tournament that is set to begin this Saturday, July 14, will be called ‘Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series’, and the $8 million prize pool will be distributed over multiple events. “We are excited to announce that this summer Epic Games will host the Summer Skirmish Series. We’re kicking off an 8-week series of competitions where we’ll be awarding $8,000,000 in prize money. The events start this weekend with a $250,000 Duos competition. Participants will be made up of community creators and Fortnite players who have demonstrated their competitive prowess. The format and competitors may change from week-to-week, so stay on your toes!” the blog post reads.

Fortnite stresses that this tournament is not strictly meant for pros and popular streamers, but those players who have shown a flair at playing the game even if they haven’t streamed or affiliated to a team. This means that individuals or teams that have not featured anywhere but play well, have a chance to win some big bucks at the Summer Skirmish Series. The first weekend will have a prize money of $250,000 split between two winners.

But if you’re hoping to get into this week competition it may be a little late for that because a note at the end of the blog reads that that invites for this weekend have already been sent because of the little time remaining. “Please note: In order to jumpstart the competition, invitations for the inaugural summer skirmish matches have already been sent. Stay tuned for more information on how you can qualify for an event.”

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The following weeks will see invites being sent out to new players and teams, and qualifying for one week does not guarantee participation for the following weeks. This gives a fair chance to all those trying and if you fail to qualify for one week it does not mean you can’t for the next as well.

  • Published Date: July 12, 2018 11:59 AM IST