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Fortnite is breaking some serious records on YouTube

Fortnite recently saw 100 streamers get together for a single game.

  • Published: March 28, 2018 4:56 PM IST
Fortnite Agent

Watching other gamers play has been a rather popular idea, and it is the premise upon which popular streaming site Twitch was made. Fortnite has become a name almost every gamer is familiar with, and the fame of the game is spreading to the world.

People are also increasingly watching Fortnite games played by professional streamers. This spells good news not just for them, but for Twitch and YouTube as well. And according to some statistics that the Google-owned video streaming site has come up with, Fortnite is really breaking some records.

Recently, the record of the most-watched live stream was broken multiple times, and the tally right now stands at one stream garnering over 1.1 million concurrent viewers. The streamer by the name of ElrubiusOMG from Spain hosted a game of Fortnite with 100 other streamers, which got a total of over 42 million live views combined.

The game holds the current record for the most videos related to a video game that has been uploaded to YouTube in a single month (February 2018). Fortnite held the record for the most video game related videos uploaded globally for the month of January as well. The Epic Games game holds the second spot for the most watched video game for the month of February in terms of time.

Besides these, Fortnite is also dominating the battle royale arena and has beaten PUBG in terms of revenue earned as well for the month of February with a total of $126 million in earnings. Let’s just say that Fortnite is quickly becoming a phenomenon of a game, which may soon dominate all the relevant charts.

  • Published Date: March 28, 2018 4:56 PM IST