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Fortnite leak hints at the destruction of Tilted Towers

There has been no chatter in the official Epic Games channel yet.

  • Published: November 30, 2018 12:01 PM IST
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Fortnite has been known to do dramatic things with its map, and this has been evident for a while with the crazy things we have seen. Epic Games just has one map for Fortnite unlike PUBG, and tries to keep things fresh by frequently adding new elements to the map. These include new mechanics, new locations or even dramatic events that affect challenges and Limited Time Modes.

First we saw the sky in the Fortnite map getting broken by a rocket launch, which introduced huge cracks in the sky as if it were made of glass. Following that we saw the introduction of a giant blue mysterious cube that would move about the map. That was until it dropped itself into the Great Lake, and made the whole surface a trampoline without any friction. There have been plenty of other changes that have been added by Epic Games on Fortnite. And the latest one seems to have been leaked.

Now according to a new datamined code, which has been tweeted by Fortnite Leakage handle there are hints that the Tilted Towers in the game may be destroyed. The tweet reads:

The game files now include the explicit mention of destroying Tilted Towers!

We can’t find other information apart from this picture. These lines of text have to do with bots that are configurable in some manner to attack things.

Image Credits: @FNleak / Twitter

The code seems to say that robots armed with hand canons, LMGs, grenade launchers, and rocket launchers will be responsible for destroying the Tilted Towers. This has not been confirmed by Epic Games yet, but there are theories out there concerning this.

  • Published Date: November 30, 2018 12:01 PM IST