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Fortnite sued by BlocBoy JB for copying dance move

Epic Games is getting sued almost every week.

  • Published: January 24, 2019 4:00 PM IST
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The list of people suing Epic Games‘s Fortnite keeps getting longer and longer. And this time TMZ reports that BlocBoy JB has sued Epic Games for copying his dance ‘Shoot’, and appropriating it into an emote called ‘Hype’. He said that he was in the process of getting a copyright for the dance move but the process has not been completed yet, which makes his case similar to Fresh Prince star Alfonso Ribiero. And Anyone who has seen the dances would agree that both look extremely similar.

The conditions under which BlocBoy JB can have his claims stated are that he will have to prove that it was him that either created the dance or made it popular. Besides that he will also have to show that the dance move is long enough to be covered under copyright laws, which presently only entertains whole dance routines. Despite the lot of conditions that are there to this claim, Epic Games is really getting itself into a tight spot over the series of lawsuits that are being thrown at them.

In the recent past Fortnite was sued by the mother of the ‘Orange Shirt Kid’ for using her son’s dance move to create the emote Orange Justice dance. That complaint was filed by the same law firm that is representing all the other creators that have sued Epic Games for the use of their dances. The list includes the likes of Alfonso Ribeiro and 2 Milly and the creator of the floss dance.

  • Published Date: January 24, 2019 4:00 PM IST