Fortnite update introduces Shockwave Grenade and Solid Gold LTM

Epic Games pointed out that the blast of the new shockwave grenade is so strong that players can launch other players “through structures".

  • Published: August 29, 2018 12:40 PM IST
Fortnite 5.30 update

Image credit: Epic Games

Publisher of the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite, Epic Games has just rolled out a new update for the game. This new update brings the game version up to 5.30, and introduces a number of fixes, features, and in-game items. The game publisher shared the changes that come with the latest version in a dedicated post on its website. According to the announcement, this version will come with a new Shockwave Grenade, Solid Gold LTM, Horde Challenge Week 4, and a new Bladestorm Enforcer skin.

Shockwave Grenade launches players over “great distances” in the game without any fall damage. Epic Games pointed out that the blast of the grenade is so strong that players can launch other players “through structures”. In addition to that, the new update also comes with all legendary weapons in Solid Gold color along with Solid Gold 50v50 LTMs.

Image Credit: Fortnite

The 50×50 LTM will only include Solid Gold legendary weapons, and the event will be time limited. The update also introduced the fourth week of Horde Challenge where Traps will not trigger in the game so players can build strong bases along with “plenty of ammo”.

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The update also introduced a “Bladestorm Enforcer” skin to Fortnite that will be available in the Event Store. The skin is part of a new “Bladestorm” subclass that comes with new “Kunai Storm” ability where the “Ninja flips backward, and throws 15 pointed knives downwards in the 0.5 tile radius causing “edged weapon damage” to other players.

The new skin also comes with a number of perks including Kunai collection, Kunai barrage, and Kunnaihilation. Here Kunai refers to the knife-like blades that are associated with Ninjas.

  • Published Date: August 29, 2018 12:40 PM IST