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God of War is an evolved game with more RPG elements

This is an encounter with a more mature Kratos

  • Published: March 21, 2018 9:37 AM IST
God of War

God of War has always been the straight up hack and slash game where one really angry Greek goes up against gods of the Greek Pantheon. The action was straightforward with players having the option of using the Cestus or the Blades to inflict damage on the enemies making the mistake of presenting themselves in Kratos’ path.

But all that is set to change with the new game that is due in a month’s time. The developer SIE Santa Monica Studio has said that the new game will be incorporating some RPG elements. The company said that Kratos has evolved from the previous games and now has levels, armor, loot and different equipment, and his equipment will affect Kratos’ ability to take on various threats in their unique environments. Enemies in the new God of War have levels as well and these scale as Kratos levels up.

Aaron Kaufman, who is the head of strategy for the community of SIE Santa Monica, in an interview with Geek Culture said, “Past God of War games have been kind of a one-way street in combat and the kind of way you can choose to play. We gave you a choice by having the Cestus or the Blades, a single track weapon that you could switch out anytime and have different abilities about it.”

Kaufman added, “Now, with more RPG-like elements, you have armour, your axe, you have different ways to upgrade each of those. You have your shield, the melee, you have Atreus. All of these things can be upgraded whether in their abilities or giving them new elemental effects.”

Those that have already got a look at the game have called this a much more personal and intimate encounter for the players with Kratos. God of War will be released exclusively for PS4 on April 20.

  • Published Date: March 21, 2018 9:37 AM IST