Google is testing a ‘Hub’ page for latest announcements, and Trending games on its Play Games app

The Hub page on Google Play Games is also likely to serve as a place where gamers can find new games that they have not played.

  • Published: July 9, 2018 1:06 PM IST
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Google seems to be testing a new section in its “Play Games” app to inform about latest announcements and changes in the games that users have installed on their device or the most trending games on Google Play. For the people who don’t know, Google Play Games is an important app for gamers as it allows the company to offer features such as real-time multiplayer gaming, cloud saves, achievements board, and social and public leaderboards to other games. According to a report by XDA Developers, it looks like Google is trying to use Hub as on stop for all the Android gaming related news that users would want.

According to the report, this page is also likely to serve as a place where gamers can find new games that they have not played. This is in addition to all the announcements and changes that users can get about the games that they have installed on their device. Users can’t customize the feed of games-related news and suggestions for new games in the news feed format the way they can in Google Feed. Users can’t even dismiss the news that is provided to them to show fewer news stories from any particular publication or set preferences to make it more personalized.

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This page is only available as part of a test so we are not sure if the company will make it a permanent feature to roll it out to all the users or change it into something else entirely. This may serve as a good place for users to get all the news about the games that the users have installed but that depends on how much the news has already been covered.

The problem with this approach is the fact that there is no moderator curated lists or even a way for game developers to post direct updates about their games making them depend on other news publications.

  • Published Date: July 9, 2018 1:06 PM IST