Here's how you can turn off voice chat and mute mic in PUBG Mobile

Sometime the voice of your teammates can be a bit much.

  • Published: January 21, 2019 10:07 AM IST
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With PUBG Mobile becoming a one of the most played games in the world and its popularity has been because of the fact that it lets people team up with their friends while they are playing. And one of the biggest modes of communication is the voice chat option in PUBG Mobile which Tencent Games claims is very popular among its users.

In our own experience we have seen players attest to the fact that PUBG is an excellent platforms to connect with friends and some have even gone on to say that once they started playing the game they have started connecting with friends with whom they were not in touch with. The open voice chat option in PUBG Mobile has been adopted directly from its PC and console versions of the game and is rather effective when communicating with the team in the game. Players can just keep an open mic where the game detects when they are speaking and will just transmit the voice to the team when needed. Plus there are options to control if only teammates will be able to hear your voice or all nearby players can.

Though it is understandable that this might become a little to much sometimes and not all players use headphones all the time when playing. Hence having three other people blasting their voices on the speaker could be disturbing for the other people around. So here is how voice chat can be muted in PUBG Mobile when needed.

1. The option to mute voice chat is only available when a player is in a match. Hence start a match in any mode.

2. Here right beside the mini-map and under the settings button (gear icon) will be a speaker icon which is used to control whose voice can be heard.

3. This can be tapped to change the mode, and there are three modes for it. ‘All’ indicates that you can hear what anyone is saying in the vicinity, ‘Team’ means that you will only be able to hear you teammates voices and ‘Mute’ means you won’t hear anyone’s voices.

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Besides muting your teammates, you can also mute your own microphone which is convenient when you are in a noisy place or don’t want others to be bothered by your surroundings. Here’s how to do it.

1. Locate the mic button which is underneath the speaker button beside the mini-map.

2. This one also comes in three modes, and it can be tapped to change these. ‘All’ indicates that everyone in the vicinity can hear what you are saying, ‘Team’ means that only your teammates will be able to hear you and ‘Mute’ means no one will be able to hear your voice anymore.

  • Published Date: January 21, 2019 10:07 AM IST