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How to stream a PC game to your smartphone and play with touch controls

It's rather easy to enjoy playing PC games on you smartphone, and all you need is to follow a few steps.

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You have to admit, the depth and vast nature of PC games just cannot be replicated on the smartphone, yet. And even though smartphone games are great they can’t really hold a candle to all that a PC versions can offer. But gaming PCs and laptops are cumbersome devices that require you to sit up straight and preferably use a table. Gaming on the couch has never been something that PCs have been able to offer. But it seems that there is hope yet for people who want to sit back and relax while playing a PC game with 60FPS and Full HD resolution.

You can do that by using services that let users stream a PC game to a smartphone. What better to kill dragons and skeleton in Skyrim from your phone on your couch. This can be done using a third-party application called Moonlight. The Moonlight application uses the Nvidia Gamestream feature to piggyback its service and it requires an Nvidia GPU in the PC. Android users can also opt to use SteamLink though they will have to use a mobile gamepad because it does not come with touch settings.

How to start streaming your PC game to your mobile using Moonlight

– Start off by ensuring and updating Nvidia Geforce experience to the latest version and then going to settings, and turning on the Game Stream from the Shield tab.

– Next download the ‘Moonlight Game Streaming’ app on your smartphone from the respective store.

– Turning on the app should show a list of game stream enabled PCs that are on the same network as the smartphone.

– Tap on the correct one and select the ‘Add Host’ option, and select the PC’s IP address (enter if not automatically detected).

– This should prompt a PIN to be created on Moonlight which you need to enter on the PC and this should initiate the connection

After this all a player needs to do is select the game they want to play from the list, and then the game will launch with a full touchpad. A few recommendations would be to tweak the gamepad to fit your own preference and also make sure that the game graphics is optimized. If 1080p at 60FPS is causing a lot of stutter because of the bandwidth, then dropping down to 720p and 30FPS might help. It’s always advisable to keep the bandwidth clear of any downloads during this time.

  • Published Date: March 23, 2019 10:37 AM IST