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Improve your aim in PUBG with these 5 tips

PUBG probably has the most realistic gun mechanics among all the battle royale games.

  • Published: November 14, 2018 1:30 PM IST
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PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games that is available right now, and this is because it comes with unique fight mechanics that make it one of the more realistic ones out there. The guns in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are world accurate and they have correctly signified recoil and fire rate of the guns. Gun mechanics involve bullet drop and even the speed of the bullet to reach certain distances.

This makes PUBG a unique game, and a few other games have been able to do this correctly. And though this is very impressive in terms of mechanics involved in a game, it may make things a little bit difficult for the usual players. And here are a few tips from us to help you hit your targets better in PUBG.

How to aim using scopes over long distances

To begin with, it’s important to know that all guns in PUBG have different muzzle speeds which mean bullet travel distances vary for each gun. Bigger scopes will do better on sniper rifles and assault rifles, but on SMGs the bullets won’t probably reach far. So it is important to learn how far your bullet will travel and adjust the crosshair accordingly.

For example, when using a Kar98k with a 4x scope, enemies that fit from the top of to the bottom of the height of the scope can be fired upon without having to adjust for distance. But if they appear smaller than the half-length of the scoped circle, then aiming above the head will probably hit the target. To decrease the sway of the crosshair when using a scope, always remember to press shift to hold the breath when shooting.

How to hit moving targets

Hitting moving targets will probably seem impossible for newcomers to the game, but believe us when we say it is very much possible. The player just needs to keep in mind a few things to hit a moving target correctly. To begin with, understand how far the moving target is and in which direction it is going. Now to begin shooting, one must adjust for the bullet travel on the gun they are using and the trajectory of the moving enemy as well as the distance.

Understanding different gun recoil

Like we mentioned before, all the guns in PUBG have different recoils and players need to understand these to use the auto mode of the guns or even quickly tap the single shot or burst modes. DMRs have a lot of recoil and so do ARs, SMGs in comparison have less recoil. To control the recoil when using the auto mode on the guns, once you start firing, bring the mouse pointer down gradually to make sure the crosshair stays on the enemy.

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Making sure the shots land on the enemy

Just firing at the enemy is not enough, because most of the bullets in the auto-fire mode will probably not hit the enemy. But that is not a problem, as long as enough bullets land on the enemy to knock down or kill them. Always keep a keen eye to spot the blood spurts when a bullet hits the enemy. These are easier to notice when using an auto rifle or DMR, but when using a bolt action rifle, it becomes more difficult. In those cases keep the left mouse button pressed to see the trajectory of the bullet to check if it hits the target.

Making sure the game settings match your playstyle

PUBG comes with a lot of options to fine tune the aim settings, and these include mouse sensitivity, mid-range and long range sensitivity. Keep tweaking these to make sure you hit the sweet spot where you can maximize your aim. There are options to change the color of the crosshair as well.

Besides these five pointers, the most important one is definitely more practice, as practice truly make perfect.

  • Published Date: November 14, 2018 1:30 PM IST