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Monster Hunter World Iceborne releases on PC

The base game, Monster Hunter World released back in January of 2018.

  • Published: January 9, 2020 6:12 PM IST
Monster Hunter World Iceborne

PC gamers will finally be able to get their hands on Monster Hunter World Iceborne which is a new DLC of the game. The base game, Monster Hunter World released back in January of 2018. And now Capcom is releasing the PC version of the new DLC on Steam. And it seems like players are coming back to the game as we get closer to the release date of the DLC. The DLC goes live at 10.30PM IST today.

Those that bought the DLC can pre-download it and wait for it to go live. But one not so great piece of news is that those that have the base game but have not bought the DLC still have to download the update. Capcom has announced that those playing the main game also have to download the update which will be pretty heavy. Most expect the new patch to be over 40GB in size which is massive for those that don’t have the DLC.

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Capcom writes, “In order to play on the same servers, owner of either Monster Hunter: World or Monster Hunter World: Iceborne must download a large update, which also includes optimised files of the Monster Hunter: World base game data.

“The game requires the following total space, regardless of whether you have purchased Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, are updating from Monster Hunter: World, or are installing the game for the first time.

“Game: 48GB required – High-Resolution Texture Pack: 45 GB required (optional). An extra 300MB of free space is required for save data.” The DLC is massive and adds a lot of new monsters and huge portion of the map for players. The DLC adds a new Master difficulty rank as well. Here’s a look at all that is being added to the game.

– Master Rank added.
– New Headquarters and Gathering Hub added.
– New locales and endemic life added in line with the new story.
– New monsters added in line with the new story.
– New weapons, armour, and skills added.


– Clutch Claw added.
– New moves and combos, etc. added to all weapons
– All weapons can now fire the Slinger with the weapon unsheathed.
– New training area features added.
– Increased Palico level and gadget proficiency.
– Tailraiders can now be mounted after establishing good relations with the Lynian tribes. Tailraider monsters will – automatically move to areas when directed.
– New character parts added.
– Your room in Seliana can now be redecorated.
– Extra slots for item loadouts

  • Published Date: January 9, 2020 6:12 PM IST