Update: News of 20-year-old boy that died in Telangana after playing PUBG Mobile for 45 days straight is incorrect

A Telangana boy allegedly died after playing the online multiplayer battle royale game constantly for the 45 days.

  • Updated: March 25, 2019 4:49 PM IST
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Update: According to a report by Times of India, the boy’s death had nothing to do with PUBG Mobile and his friends made the video in jest in an attempt to cheer him up. Dr Raj Kiran who was treating the boy said, “He was suffering from a serious infection and was undergoing treatment. Sagar’s unfortunate demise has absolutely no connection with PUBG or any other games he may or may not have been addicted to. In fact, reports suggesting that he suffered paralysis are also false.”

Sagar’s roommate, Harish Palkurthi, remarked, “Sagar was in tremendous pain. Those guys (in the video) are his college friends. They were just trying to make him laugh and relieve some of his pain. Sadly, it went viral and now everyone thinks he died because of playing PUBG. That’s not true.”

PUBG Mobile addiction seems to be now turning ugly. A 20-year-old Telangana boy allegedly died after playing the online multiplayer battle royale game straight for the 45 days, TheHansIndia reported. The boy, known as Sagar, was suffering from severe neck pain and was immediately rushed to a hospital in Hyderabad, where he succumbed to the pain.

The report stated “a 20-year-old youngster hailing from Jagitial died while playing PUBG game. It is learned that the boy has been constantly playing the game for the last 45 days and suffered serious neck pain.” Furthermore, the nerves of the neck were also severely damaged. This news comes at a time when PUBG is testing a new feature, which sends players a healthy and balanced reminder.

Besides, recently it was reported that due to PUBG Mobile addiction, a boy failed in his exam after he wrote a step-by-step guide on how to play the popular online game in his answer sheet. Separately, another case was registered of a missing 15-year-old boy since March 11. The father of the boy claimed that his son “is a great PUBG Mobile player and was brainwashed by his teammates to leave his home,” News18 reported. The missing teenager was reportedly a student of class X and his father is a government school teacher in Delhi.

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The father has also claimed that the police of Ghaziabad is not helping him. SP (city) Shlok Kumar was quoted as saying, “The preliminary investigation has revealed that the boy was chatting with someone on the game PUBG and his last messages said that he would continue the chat using a different screen name. Further investigations are underway.” Besides, in an attempt to combat the growing concerns over video game addiction, the game has started giving warning to players after they complete six hours of limit.

  • Published Date: March 24, 2019 1:45 PM IST
  • Updated Date: March 25, 2019 4:49 PM IST