PUBG adds new bullet penetration system and dynamic weather

There are some interesting new changes on their way to PUBG.

  • Published: August 2, 2018 9:57 AM IST
PUBG new

PUBG has been that one battle royale game in the lot that has tried to retain the realistic elements as much as possible. And now, the developers have taken another step towards doing the same by incorporating new bullet mechanics and limp penetration system.

Another element that was present in the game, but was removed by the developers late last year was the foggy and rainy weather on Erangle. This was because the game was not refined enough to provide proper FPS when these weather conditions were there on the map, and as a result players just didn’t play games with these weather conditions. And after having removed them for a while, PUBG Corp. has brought back the weather conditions as a package called the dynamic weather system on the new Sanhok map.

And according to the newest update log, PUBG is bringing the new dynamic weather systems to both its larger maps, namely Erangle and Miramar. Besides these, the maps have undergone some slight changes in terms of terrain and new building addition. There are also new options to place markers without opening the map. New graphics options have also been added.

The important changes to the gameplay includes the bullet penetration system, which will now register shots going through the limbs instead of being stopped by them. So if an arm takes a shot that would have hit the chest or head, the bullet will travel through and damage the critical region of the body as well. There are some changes to loot and dropping as well.

Optimizations have been made to improve performance, and there are a bunch of new bug fixes.

  • Published Date: August 2, 2018 9:57 AM IST