PUBG announces Flare Gun for Event Mode

Your very own loot boxes.

  • Published: March 30, 2018 4:28 PM IST
PUBG Flare Gun

Bluehole, in its attempt to get things rolling again for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, introduced Event mode last weekend. The Event mode lasted throughout the weekend, and featured eight player teams on Erangel in third-person perspective.

This weekend, the developer has introduced the flare gun as part of this weekend’s Event mode. The Event mode this time around features a maximum of four person teams on the game’s newer Miramar map. The games will feature the Flare Gun, which we have previously got a look at in the dedicated servers in the game.

The Flare Guns can be used to call in a special care package to the location it has been shot from. There are few conditions to shooting the Flare Gun, and making sure that the drop arrives. To begin with, the flare needs to be shot straight in the air and must reach a height of 200 meters. Two care packages cannot be called at the same time.

The Flare Guns can be found in the small single-story houses throughout the map, and there is a limited number of them are available. The special loot crate dropped will have much more loot than the traditional loot boxes, enough to fully equip one player to the maximum. The drops include two care package weapons (100 percent chance), level 3 armor (100 percent chance), and normal care package supplies.

From the language used by the developers in the blog post, we can assume that the Flare Gun is just in testing mode right now. And we should not expect to see it as a regular feature any time soon. And the event mode might just be a weekly phenomenon, which would combine and recombine the elements of the game to bring out of the normal experiences for the weekends.

  • Published Date: March 30, 2018 4:28 PM IST